Projects – Womart

In a world where art not only reflects beauty and creativity but also social and cultural dynamics, WOMART emerges as a pioneering project focused on reclaiming and showcasing female talent in the visual arts, particularly in urban art. This project was born in 2018 as a resounding response to the palpable gender inequality in the institutional circuits of the visual arts.

WOMART’s main objective is to highlight the artistic talent of women creators, a historically underrepresented sector often relegated to the background. Despite the fact that over 70% of students in Fine Arts faculties in Spain are women, their presence in the professional artistic scene is significantly limited. Revealing data, such as the fact that only 14% of the exhibitions in major art centers in Catalonia between 2011 and 2015 were dedicated to female artists, highlight this gender gap.

The project seeks not only to promote female presence in urban art but also to favor the professionalization of these artists. WOMART presents itself as a necessary counterpoint to the masculinization of the urban art sector, where prominent names are usually male and female artists are often marginalized.

At the heart of WOMART is the belief that urban art is a vital space for expression and dialogue, and that including female voices enriches and diversifies this dialogue. The project addresses themes of femininity, gender, and art through the individual lenses of each participating artist. These artists, selected for the excellence of their work regardless of their career path and professional recognition, bring a variety of styles, techniques, and sensibilities that enrich the artistic landscape.

Moreover, WOMART is not only focused on visibility and recognition; it also proposes a critical reflection on the reality of women in the art world. Each artist participating in the project has the freedom to create and interpret their work, thus generating a unique discourse that reflects their experiences, thoughts, and perspectives.

This project, extending across various cities, becomes a catalyst for change, driving greater equity in urban art circuits. The works created under the WOMART framework are not just artistic expressions; they are powerful statements that challenge established norms and promote greater inclusion and recognition of women in art.

In conclusion, WOMART is more than a project; it is a movement, a platform that highlights the importance of diversity and equity in art. Its existence and continuity are essential to ensure that female talent is not only recognized but also celebrated and valued on par with their male counterparts in urban art and beyond. With each mural, exhibition, and work, WOMART not only changes the urban landscape but also perceptions and attitudes towards women in the art world.