What do we do?


Artistic murals

We offer the production of artistic murals adapted to the demands of the client and the requested public space. Rebobinart is in charge of the production and the logistics as well as the orientation in the selection of the artist that is considered most appropriate for the execution of the project. We have made artistic murals for the the Councils of Barcelona, l’Hospitalet, Reus, Palautordera, Olot, Figueres, Manresa, Vilanova, Mataró, Granollers, Sant Cugat, and for Temprano Capital Partners, La Escocesa or Xarxa Transversal.

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Community Murals

Community murals can be participatory or representative. The first typology of mural is based on the physical and direct involvement of citizens in the realization of the mural. On the other hand, in the representative murals, the participants choose only the theme or the message of the mural and / or the artist who will perform the intervention. We have made community murals for Aigües de Barcelona, ​​Associa’t a la Festa, Barcelona City Council or l’Hospitalet.


Urban art workshops and courses

We organize workshops and urban art courses in which both educators and artists participate. At workshops addressed to children and young people, we review the history of urban art and conceptualize a design together with all the participants in order to paint a mural in community. On the other hand, through citizen collaboration workshops, residents think and reflect on both the use and meaning of public space and that of art. From this starting point a concept is created and we work together to translate this choral idea into a mural that the participants can feel as their own.

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Womart is a project curated by Rebobinart that aims to claim the need to recognize female talent in the visual arts, in general, and in urban art (or art in the public space) specifically. The lack of gender equality in the institutional circuits of the visual arts shows that even today there is a permeable layer that prevents real equality in terms of the recognition of professional female artists. In response to this reality, Womart arises with the aim of promoting the artistic talent of creative women in the field of urban art and at the time promoting their professionalization. More: Theoretical basis of the project.

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Wallspot is a management and promotional platform for urban art that links new technologies with the revitalization of public space. Artists, photographers, cultural managers and municipalities find in Wallspot a space for exchange and professional connection. Wallspot is currently present in 22 countries, where it manages a total of 88 walls. At the moment, we have more than 7,100 registered artists and more than 8,000 artistic interventions that have been performed. Also, we have diverse art programs (Wall Lab, Wall Claim or Travel the Wall) that aim to offer artists opportunities for professional promotion.


Street art tours

In order to illustrate the phenomenon of urban art in the context of the city of Barcelona, ​​we organize urban art tours for groups following the route of the legal walls managed by Rebobinart. Along the route, an urban art expert explains the general history of graffiti and its particular presence and evolution in Barcelona. At the end of the tour, a collective workshop can be held with one of walls being artistically intervened.

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Ús Barcelona

Ús Barcelona is a nomadic festival organized by Rebobinart that aims to rescue the value of disused spaces, giving them new life and new uses through urban art and citizen participation. Ús Barcelona is not only a festival of urban art, but also aims to activate public space through artistic expression, bringing this discipline closer to other creators such as designers or illustrators. In 2018, during its fifth and last edition, the festival was held at the old prison La Model and had more than 20,000 attendees.