About us

Rebobinart is a cultural entity specialised in the development of urban art projects



Rebobinart was founded in 2012 under a clear social philosophy that links urban art with social and cultural revitalisation in public spaces. From our entity we promote an urban art vision placing it at the service of society through the creation of projects that are rooted to the territories. All our art projects aim to add value to the urban spaces while creating a new communication path with the citizens by arousing a critical spirit and conveying social messages.

In this regard, we have developed a comprehensive programme of artistic projects in public spaces that includes large murals, community murals, artists’ exchanges, exhibitions, festivals or participative workshops. All of them claim the art ability to act as a tool for cultural and social transformation.


Our work as an entity has obtained diverse acknowledgements such as the Bdigital Congress Award for the Murs Lliures project (now Wallspot) in 2012, the Award in Social Entrepreneurship by Barcelona Activa in 2015 or the Cuixart Award in recognition to the entity’s trajectory in 2015. Our Festival Ús Barcelona was nominated to the Time Out Awards at the category “Best City Initiative” in 2016 and the project “Baró Murs Vius” was the winner of the Garci Awards at the category of Fine Arts in 2017. The Womart project also obtained Curating Award driven by Xarxa Transversal in 2017. Our platform Wallspot won the Citizenship Award by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2018 and the Grant to the Best Social and Technological Entrepreneurship Innovative Initiative by the Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) in 2019.

Our team

Marc Garcia Sanchez
Marc Garcia

Founder & Director

Berta Rigau

Project Manager

Francesca Scalese

Project Manager

Luisa Duggan

Project Manager

Elhadj Bailo Bah

Production Assistant