Projects – Ús Barcelona

From its first edition in 2014 until the last one, in 2018, Uso Barcelona showed new approaches to urban art (muralism, dance, performance, music, gastronomy…) intervening in emblematic spaces and generating a transformation of the city. In 2014 Glòries was intervened, followed by Eix Pere IV in 2015, Can Ricart in 2016, Poblenou in 2017 and, finally, the Modelo prison in 2018. Each of the editions allowed rethinking public, industrial and historical heritage by showing its unnoticed aspects and interpellations. At the same time, artists who had never painted in public space, such as Guim Tió, Amaia Arrazola or Reskate, did so, thus opening a new niche of illustrators emerging, also, as urban artists.
The specificity of the project lies in its emphasis on time: Ús Barcelona breaks the accelerated rhythm of the big city and consumerism to provoke a forced slowdown. Thus, through urban art, it invites us to question in a festive and artistic way the way of being in the world.