WOMART by Aïda Gómez

Aïda Gómez WOMART Rebobinart (14)


Xarxa transversal


Aj Mataró

Glass Path: according to Aïda Gómez, is the journey that women artists must take to achieve the same recognition as their male colleagues is a glass path, labyrinthine and complex. Based on this idea, the artist has made an intervention in Carrer de la Riera, in Mataró, where he has reflected this reality through two routes differentiated by gender. This intervention is part of the Womart project, an initiative of Rebobinart that aims to reclaim the need to recognize and make more visible the female talent in the visual arts and promote gender equality in all artistic visual disciplines. The realization of this mural has been promoted by the Xarxa Transversal with the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.