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Sunday March 6th, the third edition of the Womart JAM took place in the free walls of the Three Chimneys Park in Barcelona. As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, 8-M, Rebobinart organized this artistic day that aims to promote female talent in urban art, to make visible the situations of gender inequality and the need to create spaces of denunciation in the artistic field.

This year, a dozen women artists painted the walls with the message: “Work has a woman’s voice”. This was proposed by the Asociación in via, a social entity that works to prevent the conditions of inequality that generate violence and discrimination -especially those based on gender- who collaborated with us on this third day of Womart JAM. Together with their testimony, the 10 artists selected under the curatorship of the two Guest Artists of Wallspot Maga and Gemma Fontanals: Fractal Tattoo, Carola Bagnato, Galletamaria, Maria Cuellar, Killa Ek, Magia Trece, Ivonne Navarro and Sigrid Amores, expressed with multiple languages and from different perspectives the need to recognize and make visible the work of women while promoting equity in the street art sector.

Each artist, through her gaze, created an emphasis on a particular aspect. In the case of Maga, a consolidated artist of the city’s urban scene, she drew a woman who with her tears filled her own holes and cracks, giving place to vulnerability and second chances. She has captured it by referencing kintsugi, a Japanese technique that repairs broken objects in gold and silver. The artist Galletamaria has focused his wall on the relationships of help and care between women based on the idea of straightening relationships and accompanying them in the flourishing and rooting of each bond. In turn, Fractal Tattoo, focused its mural on the words; dignity, love, respect and free. “I chose these words because I feel that they are fundamental values and actions in the living and coexistence of human beings,” explains the artist.

During the day, some of the technicians and users of the Association in via carried out a collaborative mural, dynamized by the artist La castillo. “. The mural focused on the experiences and first-hand witnesses of victims of abuse and gender violence. The message was clear and forceful: “We want to be free, alive and without fear”.

Urban art, music and Stone Brewing craft beer entertained the third edition of the Womart JAM which, despite the cold and rain, achieved its purpose: to be a voice of feminist struggle that offers spaces for critical dialogue and collective empowerment through artistic creation in public space.

Special thanks to;

Montana Colors,

Montó Pinturas

District of Sants Montjuïc


Photographer; Rockaxson