Mural for SOREA by GalletaMaria

Sant Cugat

Aj Sant Cugat


During the first weeks of March the artist and illustrator Galleta Maria has made an artistic intervention through a mural in Josep Puig i Cadafalch street in Sant Cugat. This has been a production of Rebobinart in collaboration with Esfera72 and Sorea, the water management company of this city. The mural seeks to value the view of the neighborhood of Sant Cugat while making it the protagonist and agent of change by providing a more sustainable and respectful vision with the environment from everyday actions and accessible to everyone.

Given the ecological crisis we are facing today, it is clear that the consumption models of the first world have to change urgently to generate a positive impact on the planet. The artist has intervened a total of 422.4 meters of wall in the city where she has emphasized the importance of water as an essential source of life for our subsistence and the proper functioning of nature, the environment and the population.  With friendly figures and blue tones, Galleta Maria wanted to convey a sustainable and respectful vision of the environment where change is possible and is the responsibility of everyone: companies, governments, and administrations as well as each individual. Every gesture count, no matter how small, and it is precisely this perspective that the artist wanted to capture in the artistic intervention: “a series of small changes in our daily routines that can be significant to delay the growth of our water footprint,” says Galleta Maria.

With solidarity economy as a seed, we can see several characters participating in tasks among themselves. Encouraging recycling, local consumption, reducing the ecological footprint in simple gestures such as turning off the faucet when leaving on a trip, watering plants with rainwater… These actions can not only be carried out at home, but it also looks at those that we can do in the public space that can be the spark to generate changes on a large scale and on a global scale. Urban gardens, markets, parks and even our homes are places of transformation and generators of changes towards a more sustainable horizon, more conscious and involved in the reality that surrounds us.

This action is part of the vision of Sorea that, besides wanting to offer an optimal service to the consumers, they have for aim to naturalize the urban environment of Sant Cugat and to foment friendly purposes with the environment across the art.

The alliance between Sorea and Rebobinart does not end here, since there is the will to go renewing the mural work every four years so that the artistic pieces adapt to the environment, at the present time and can continue awakening a cultural interest in the zone as well as to be able to announce new talents of urban art of the territory.