Edmundo Garcia x Terrassa Walls



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Last Friday took place the inauguration of a large format mural executed by the artist Edmundo Garcia on the facade of the entity Prodis of Terrassa, in the Plaza del Tint. The mural is part of the Wall LAB of the artistic program Terrassa Walls, an initiative created by Rebobinart together with Anna Taratiel which aims to provide the city with identity through urban art, bringing value and cultural interest to the environment. In this case it is Prodis (prodiscapacitados Fundación Privada Terrassenca), a non-profit organization dedicated to the assistance and integral promotion of adults with intellectual disabilities, mental illness or cerebral palsy.

Initially the idea was to intervene a small wall of the building, but the link with the members of the entity was so positive that it was decided to expand the project. In this way, the large murals turned the building into one of the most emblematic and charismatic in the city.

The artist in charge of the mural was Edmundo Garcia with the assistance of Rocío Cruz. Interested in social dynamization and artistic mediation, his artistic practice currently oscillates between painting, public interventions and audiovisual installations. His artistic line revolves around the translation of the digital fact to something physical such as painting, in a dynamic of no return where the boundaries between what is digital or physical are diluted forming a new and multiple reality. He is also freelance at Majara Studio and curator at Corralito Centro de Creación Artística.

The process of creating the project began with four photographic sessions with Prodis users generated between the artist and one of the city’s leading photographers: Cecília Coca. These sessions allowed to bring the people who make up Prodis closer to the artist and establish connections that later served Edmundo to create the artistic work. The photographs were digitally treated and the final result was a composition of Cecilia’s photographs passed through the most current line of work of the artist, trying to give the building a very clear and representative symbolism of the entity and what it represents, through color, image and digital error.

The mural, entitled ‘Stimmung Blue’, intends to show the most human and sensitive version of the entity and the people of Prodis. The work is purely figurative, there are no symbols or metaphors as the greatest possible transparency is sought: “Stimmung refers to the state of mind, it is an attitude or disposition to emotional life. It is not a transitory emotional situation. It is a state, a way of being present,” says the artist. Blue, symbol of serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom and health is the color chosen by Edmundo to represent the entity. A color that, in short, is associated with what Prodis and its members represent: life.

From Rebobinart we bet, once again, for the murals that make visible the particular realities of different groups. This mural, then, is a bet to approach and show to the city of Terrassa the people and values that the Prodis entity represents: coexistence, welfare and enjoyment of full rights in an active and normalized form of society.

Special thanks: Ajuntament de Terrassa; Terrassa Walls; Edmundo Garcia; Prodis; Pintures Montó i Montana Colors.