TRAM roundtable at the Global Public Transport Summit – IUTP

Marc Guillen
Marc Guillen
Marc Guillen
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The Global Public Transport Summit (UITP Summit) took place between June 4 and 7, a leading event that brings together experts from the sector with the aim of promoting the exchange of ideas, innovation and the establishment of meaningful relationships.

In this context, Rebobinart had the honor of being invited to participate in a round table held at the TRAM stand together with distinguished professionals such as Sara Ortiz Escalante, an expert in mobility and public transport from Col·lectiu Punt 6, and Miquel Martí Casanovas, professor at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia – BarcelonaTech (UPC).

During the roundtable, we discussed the transformation trends of urban environments and the role that public transport can play in this process.

Col·lectiu Punt 6 expert was able to share an important perspective, highlighting the need to have infrastructures that guarantee the safety and accessibility of all people who use public transport at any time of the day. Furthermore, she emphasized on the complexity faced by certain social groups when combining commutes, and home life and leisure journeys. On the other hand, the UPC representative emphasized on the importance of having a sustainable intermodal mobility which integrates all available means of transport in order to achieve more efficient circulation in the city. He also mentioned that there is the opportunity of using existing networks to generate and improve public spaces. From Rebobinart, we talked about the social and cultural benefits provided by urban art interventions in public space. It was highlighted how artistic murals in public transport stations and stops can transform the user experience, enrich the cultural offer of cities and be key tools to generate identity and address relevant issues for society.

TRAM was able to create a dynamic environment that fostered a fruitful dialogue on new mobility, the transformation of urban space and innovative initiatives to improve the travel experience. At the stand, various works were exhibited on screens, including the collaborative project carried out by Rebobinart, Art al TRAM.

The main objective of Art al TRAM is to use art as a means to revitalize the transit spaces in the Barcelona metropolitan tram facilities, turning them into more welcoming places and providing unique experiences for passengers. This initiative began in 2020 with the creation of a 1600m² work by Iker Muro (Mur0ne) at the Cornellà Center stop. In this work, the multiculturalism and diversity of tram users is represented through profiles of interlocking faces, generating a sensation of movement. The following year, Amaia Arrazola created a mural at the Besòs stop, where various current and metaphorical characters are presented who share the scene with native birds from the Besòs area. In 2022, the artist Elisa Capdevila created a realistic-style mural at the Sant Martí de Provençals stop, inviting passers-by to enjoy and observe in a transit area, an activity that is becoming less frequent in large cities. This work pays homage to the citizens, representing different situations and users of TRAM. Finally, in 2023, the artist Kenor carried out a mural at the Espronceda stop, where he explored the combination of three key ideas: connection, movement and distortion of images. The final result is an outstanding mural work titled ‘Contacts physiques’ that represents the sounds, movements and rhythms of urban life.