Urban Art Workshop for young migrants





During the first two weeks of June, an urban art workshop was held as part of the professional training offered by the Bayt-Al-Thaqafa Foundation to young immigrants who have recently arrived in Catalonia.

The workshop was led by Elhadj, a young artist from Guinea who is part of the Rebobinart team and who trained with us during the urban art course held last 2018. The aim of the workshop, which was the final phase of the linguistic and social reception of young newcomers, is to introduce them to professional fields in order to guide them in choosing the career path that best suits their personal skills.

Through theoretical and practical sessions, the group of 12 young people learned the basic skills and painting techniques for both small and large-scale urban art interventions. The participants familiarized with the working tools and also with the more logistical aspects, such as safety in the work context. Once the theory had been assimilated, the more creative part was tackled, which consisted in the elaboration of the design of each blind, considering the suggestions of the shopkeepers to start with and sketch a first proposal.

All the group, under the supervision and guidance of Elhadj and Yamila, the Foundation’s educator, took an active part in the artistic interventions, showing enthusiasm and a desire to learn. In addition, the figure of Elhadj as a workshop leader has made the young people identify with a very close reference point, helping them to trust that, with perseverance and clear objectives, they too can find a place in the field of work that interests them.

The blinds were painted with geometric shapes and different motifs linked to the local shops concerned. Using an artistic language less complex, including stencils, made by the young people themselves, ensures a level of work that is easily accessible to all. The shopkeepers of La Ribera neighbourhood (Born) have really appreciated the work done and it is no surprise that they collaborate, year after year, with this initiative promoted by the Bayt-Al-Thaqafa Foundation.

Once again, art has the capacity to generate spaces of inclusion, empowerment and social transformation and we hope to repeat experiences like this very soon.