Murmurs – La Verneda and El Castell mural

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Photo: Vinido Blanco

Video of the process

Malgrat de Mar

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On this occasion, in which we close the first edition of Murmurs located in Malgrat de Mar and in which we have dealt with different themes on historical memory, we have coordinated and produced a last mural intervention following this participatory methodology in which a collective, the artist and the City Council have been organized to work in the same line.

Thus, the last intervention is a large format mural by the artist Núria Riba from Igualada based on a composition of three archival images that aim to accompany the values and stories shared in a participatory session. The work of Joan Piña, local historian, the artist and the association of neighbors.

Under the title ‘La Verneda i El Castell. El barri era com una escudella barrejada’, Riba wants to enhance the history of two working class neighborhoods very marked by the arrival of new citizens during the 50s and 60s that were involved together in its construction and evolution, as well as also refers to the existing socio-cultural diversity. That is why this work wants to unite them in a memory to the neighbors and the historical landscape.

The mural is in Lleida Street 20. A space that is not by chance but becomes the boundary between the two neighborhoods and is also located next to the Civic Center, a fundamental space for its revitalization and meeting point between neighbors.


This initiative, named Murmurs, values the particularities of each of the places where it works and reflects on the different topics of social and cultural interest of the citizenship.

The dynamics of Murmurs approaches urban art as a loudspeaker of vindication or change through the work between organized groups, artists and municipal councils.

For this first pilot test carried out in Malgrat de Mar, Rebobinart has partnered with the City Council for the creation of different artistic murals scattered throughout the municipality. Last November the mural on women and peasantry by Mohamed L’Ghacham was inaugurated in the old farmers’ union to make visible and recognize his work. Previously, the project was inaugurated with two murals on the figure of Neus Català by the artist Núria Toll and the artist Miquel Wert.


Núria Riba is a painter and muralist from Igualada (Barcelona). Her figurative and realistic pictorial technique, inspired by photographs, captures scenes full of history and memory. Her works are intended to pay tribute to and represent traditions and customs of different places and groups to put them in value while they want to accompany and give meaning to the environments where they have happened.