Murmurs – Women and peasantry mural

sessió-participativa-murmurs-dona-pagesia-malgrat-de-mar-rebobinart (6)
sessió-participativa-murmurs-dona-pagesia-malgrat-de-mar-rebobinart (4)
sessió-participativa-murmurs-dona-pagesia-malgrat-de-mar-rebobinart (5)
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mural-dona-pagesia-mohamed-lghacham-rebobinart-malgrat-de-mar (9)
mural-dona-pagesia-mohamed-lghacham-rebobinart-malgrat-de-mar (4)
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sessió-participativa-murmurs-dona-pagesia-malgrat-de-mar-rebobinart (9)
mural-dona-pagesia-mohamed-lghacham-rebobinart-malgrat-de-mar (6)
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mural-dona-pagesia-mohamed-lghacham-rebobinart-malgrat-de-mar (1)
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mural-dona-pagesia-mohamed-lghacham-rebobinart-malgrat-de-mar (7)
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inauguració-murmurs-malgrat-de-mar-dona-pagesia-rebobinart (2)
inauguració-murmurs-malgrat-de-mar-dona-pagesia-rebobinart (5)
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Video of the process

Malgrat de Mar

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During the month of November Malgrat de Mar has been the perfect scenario to start an original initiative of Rebobinart called Murmurs.

This is not the first time that the production company and the Town hall of Malgrat de Mar join forces to intervene in the public space, this time we have worked to make the large format mural “Woman and peasantry” located on the walls of the old Peasantry Syndicate and made by the artist Mohamed L’Ghacham.

L’Ghacham’s design shows a middle-aged woman picking olives in a field, in the highest part of the wall, next to a greenhouse cultivation plot, in the landscape area of the wall. Olive-growing and greenhouse cultivation are two of the most widespread forms of peasantry in Catalonia. Olives and olive oil are internationally recognised products that form part of the acclaimed Mediterranean diet. As are other fruits such as tomatoes, beans and lettuces, which are grown in a much more sustainable and controlled way in greenhouses, creating microclimates that do not need as much water in a dry territory such as Catalonia.

This mural was inspired by a participatory process that consisted of a talk and workshop between the artist, the journalist Laura Saula, author of ‘Terra de mujeres. Pageses de Catalunya’; six women farmers of Malgrat de Mar, two municipal archivists and up to 12 students of the Agrarian Cycle of the Institut Ramon Turró i Darder. In this session appeared concepts like ‘courage’, ‘effort’, ‘equality’, ‘essence’, ‘fight’ and ‘freedom’, which are represented by this woman of almost 10 metres high in a medium shot.


Murmurs highlights the particularities of each of the places where it works and reflects on the different issues of social and cultural interest to citizens.

The dynamics of Murmurs brings urban art as a loudspeaker of vindication or change through the work between organised collectives, artists and municipal councils.


Mohamed L’Ghacham (1993) is a painter and muralist based in Mataró (Barcelona) and born in Tangiers (Morocco). Since his first contact with the plastic arts through graffiti, the artist has been moving towards a classicist style of painting inspired by the great masters of history. Using the brown and earthy tones of the Spanish Golden Age and traditional compositions, Ghacham resignifies these forms from the gesture of the most contemporary muralism, in a hybridisation of techniques that is not at all common in large-format urban art. His visual imagery focused on everyday life and detail has made him an artist of international renown, with work present in countries such as the United States, Italy and France.