Livensa Living is once again committed to urban art with the production of Rebobinart in Granada


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Rebobinart has once again curated a project for the student residence company Livensa Living. This artistic intervention aims to enhance the feeling of a meeting place and communication between students.

Re-visión de un paisaje granaíno, the mural by Alberto Montes (Los Corrales, Seville, 1995), seeks to reflect the regional environment of Granada, with particular focus on the local flora. The artist has chosen elements of the flora that are either regional or endemic, including the Borraba Aptera, the Clypeola Eriocarpa, and the pomegranate, which gives its name to the city. The artist employs these elements to bring the viewer closer to the elemental sensations of the Mediterranean landscape of Granada, seeking to make the work a reflection of its own geography.

The space consists of a main mural which is accompanied by several interventions distributed throughout the different modules of the rooftop. In these, a green gradient is used to connect with the main colours: from the lightest green to yellowish green or the darkest green. Furthermore, the branches are simpler than those used in the mural, creating a harmonious, aesthetic, ambient and relaxed vision.

The work is pictorial in character, as evidenced by its composition and colour palette. The fragmented aesthetic helps to integrate the mural into the architectural environment in a natural and harmonious way. The work aims to activate the reflective act and perceptual enjoyment of the viewers, as well as functioning as an aesthetic stage for the social encounter of the students. It also aims to mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety among university students. This is why it symbolises the connection between people and their environment, in line with Livensa Living’s concept of “Community Life – Connectivity”.

Alberto Montes, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville and Master in Interdisciplinary Production from the University of Malaga, is a visual artist who has participated in many projects, including the II Andalusian University Biennial of Contemporary Art (Seville, 2017), CREENÇA (Cal Rosal, 2018), Homeless (Miami, 2018), Void Projects Residency (New York, 2019). Most recently, he received a grant from the Antonio Gala Foundation in its XX Promotion of Grants for Young Artists in Córdoba (2021-22). He has received several awards, including the 1st Gold Medal of El Paular Scholarship (Segovia, 2017), the 1st Prize Crea Joven (Seville, 2018), and the 1st Prize XXX Premios Madroño (Madrid, 2022). Second Priz of the 50th International Landscape Painting Competition (Alcalá de Guadaíra, 2023), Third Prize XIV Grúas Lozano Painting Competition (Seville, 2024), and several honourable mentions in various competitions.