Lay’s RePlay counts on Rebobinart for the wall painting ‘Por ellas’



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Lay’s RePlay and Rebobinart have created a mural on the new football pitch at the Errekalde Municipal Sports Centre in Bilbao. The aim of the initiative is to help young women  from local communities at risk of exclusion through football. It also aims to make a positive impact on the planet, as the pitch is made from recycled crisp packets.

The mural ‘Por ellas‘ by Irene López León is made up of the landscape around the pitch and three persons, elements that identify the area and the community. “During the work process, the children who used the football pitch felt identified because they saw themselves represented. It was very exciting,” says Irene. The artist departed from her usual painting style to highlight young women and sportswomen.

Rebobinart curated and produced the work. Getting involved in this project meant adding an artistic vision, creating and bringing a unique image to the football pitch.

The project is part of PepsiCo’s Lay’s RePlay initiative, carried out in collaboration with the UEFA Foundation for Children and Common Goal, as well as local partners such as Bilbao Kirolak and Athletic Club Fundazioa.

With the inauguration of the sustainable football pitch made of recycled crispbread bags, Lay’s RePlay offers an inclusive sports programme that promotes the social development of young migrant women aged 12-16, strengthening not only their socio-emotional skills, but also their sense of belonging, tolerance, respect, commitment, teamwork and cooperation in the community. In this sense, Lay’s RePlay aims to contribute to gender equality in sport by empowering and educating girls and women to actively participate in the football environment.

The Errekalde community sports center in Bilbao is now more inclusive and has a work of art as part of its new football pitch. The ‘Por ellas’ project is a great example of how a good marketing strategy can have a real impact.