BESARKADA: the mural produced by Rebobinart in which Visa pays tribute to women’s football

Mural BESARKADA Udatxo Bilbao Rebobinart
Mural BESARKADA Udatxo Bilbao Rebobinart
Mural BESARKADA Udatxo Bilbao Rebobinart
Mural BESARKADA Udatxo Bilbao Rebobinart
Mural BESARKADA Udatxo Bilbao Rebobinart
Mural BESARKADA Udatxo Bilbao Rebobinart




Visa has unveiled a commemorative mural to pay tribute to the women who have promoted women’s football. Designed by the Basque artist Udane Juaristi, known as Udatxo, the mural will be unveiled on 16 May to coincide with the UEFA Women’s Champions League final, which will be played in San Mamés, Bilbao, on 25 May. The mural, located at 1 Txakoli Street in the Deusto district of Bilbao, is part of a project led by Visa, conceived by the agency Líbero and curated and produced by Rebobinart.

The mural BESARKADA (‘hug’ in Basque) celebrates women footballers of 1971 and today: the almost clandestine beginnings of women’s football took place in Eibar in 1971, where the first match in the history of Euskadi was played by women. Udatxo: “This mural is a tribute to them all, to their courage, perseverance and indomitable spirit, and aims to inspire future generations to continue fighting for their dreams in sport.

Visa launched this initiative to pay tribute to the women who have made women’s football what it is today. For its part, the Líbero Creative Club agency, which is specialized in sport from a cultural, historical and social perspective, has come up with this original proposal. Finally, the urban art production company Rebobinart has curated and produced the work.

Udatxo was born in Azkoitia in 1985 and studied Fine Arts in Bilbao and Paris, focusing on urban scenes. She has had exhibitions and murals in Spain, Germany, France and Morocco, and in this case she brings her vision to the project, capturing the essence of movement, colour and light.

“The mural is a tribute to women’s football and all the women who have made this journey possible. I wanted to capture a hug with everything it represents: illusion, achievement, triumph, effort, teamwork and joy; a symbol of unity and shared effort. I firmly believe that the women’s game has come a long way to where it is today. I have seen it first-hand, having played for many years, and it gives me great satisfaction to see that all this work is now coming up, even though there is still a lot of room for improvement,” said Udatxo.

The work will be unveiled on 16 May and promises to be a focal point for fans, tourists and media, cementing the legacy of women’s football in an exceptional artistic format.

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