Rebobinart turns 10 years old!



The urban art production company Rebobinart turns 10 years old and we celebrate it during the months of September, October and November 2022 in the emblematic former prison of La Model  in Barcelona. This space, which in recent years has adopted a clear resignifying character and shares a link with Rebobinart for that very reason, will be occupied with some of the best mural artists of the moment, exhibitions and activities to reflect on legal urban art as a tool for vindictive and democratic expression.

On Monday, September 5th, the celebration begins on the exterior walls of the venue with artistic interventions by a wide cast of artists who have previously collaborated with the organization and enjoy proven careers and international projection.  Octavi SerraMinúskula, Amaia ArrazolaNúria TollKenor and Uriginal will paint the walls of Provença street throughout the month of September. At the same time, Gemma FontanalsPep WallsNoble and Pol Pintó-the selected artists of the last edition of Wallspot’s Wall Lab- will paint their creations on the walls of Rosselló street.

Inside La Model there will be the exhibition Walls do not paint themselves where, from Rebobinart’s point of view, will reflect on the challenges, tensions and controversies between urban art, the agents involved and the public space. It will review how Rebobinart has paved the way during the course of the last decade with projects such as WallspotÚs Barcelona or Womart. The exhibition can be visited from Thursday, October 6th to Friday, November 4th, 2022.

Simultaneously, there will be solidarity urban art routes organized jointly with the association Vivir con Arte, on Sundays October 15 and 30 where you can discover some of the secrets and anecdotes of graffiti and muralism in the city. You can register here.

Finally, the celebration of these 10 years of trajectory, will host on Thursday, October 27th, the discussion Can you make a living from urban art? with the participation of artists Roc BlackblockAmaia Arrazola and Elisa Capdevila.

Participating artists:


María López is a graphic artist specialized in lettering, illustration and muralism. Originally from Donostia, she currently lives and works in Barcelona. Her work contemplates a wide variety of forms, from graphic design to large format murals. She is co-founder of the graphic studio Reskate Arts & Crafts and her work can be seen in Spanish and European cities.

In 2018, Minúskula created a mural as part of the Rebobinart Womart transversal project in the municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallès. The work is located in the Casa de Cultura and tells us about the obstacles and efforts that women must overcome through the visual metaphor of athletic obstacle courses.


Born in Girona in 1990, Octavi Serra studied Product Design. This gave him a great mastery of design and photography, which he decided to apply in the field of visual poetry. Combining critical reflection with a touch of humor and irony, his pieces constitute installations in the public space that invite us to think. As an artist, he confronts present-day problems such as the frustrations of modern life, from the acceleration of our lives to the contradictions of the desires that the current social system generates in us. His works create optical illusions that disfigure the public space and stir the consciousness of pedestrians through surprise. The installations or poems modify the urban architecture and force us to move away from the status quo, both physically and metaphorically.

The artist from Girona began his relationship with Rebobinart in 2014, on the occasion of the premiere of the first edition of Ús Barcelona, and his participation has been counted on throughout all subsequent editions of the festival.


Amaia Arrazola studied Advertising and Public Relations at the Computense Public University. At the end of her studies, she worked for several years as an art director and illustrator in an advertising agency in Madrid, but in 2010 she decided to move to Barcelona and dedicate herself to illustration. It is then when she began to delve into muralism. The digital support or small format of the illustration was gradually moving through this technique, towards a large format muralism. Thus, apart from publishing several books such as “Wabi Sabe un mes en Japón” or “El Futuro es Femenino”, she has collaborated in communication campaigns with renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike or Movistar. Arrazola’s work is present in places as diverse as Rabat, Japan, Romania and Florida.

Arrazola has worked hand in hand with Rebobinart in the realization of community murals such as the transformation of the TRAM Besós station or the execution of the mural of the Youth Resource Center Can Xic.


Núria Toll is an illustrator and muralist born in 1988 in Igualada. She studied Design and Graphics at BAU in Barcelona. This training in design has made her visual language in muralism very graphic, incorporating typographic elements to play with words and messages. Since his participation in Rebobinart’s Murs Lliures in 2014, he has developed a style dominated by straight lines and geometric shapes that synthesize animals and plant organisms to reflect on issues such as climate emergency. He has participated in both community projects and collaborations with major brands such as Adidas, Seat or Johnny Walker. These have been possible thanks to a professionalization of Toll’s work, a totally millimetric and careful work, an added value to his minimalism and naive charm.

His link with Rebobinart becomes the creations that he has captured in one of the editions of the project Waterwall d’Aigües de Barcelona as well as the mural in tribute to Neus Català on urban art and historical memory.


Born in Barcelona in 1976, Kenor has become a reference artist for abstract urban art, with geometric compositions and a palette of electrified colors that characterize his style. Vibrant forms and an interest in movement and light are central to his work. Kenor began painting in the 1990s, moved by the tensions between the decadence of the urban landscape of the city of Barcelona and the rural environment of southern Spain where his family comes from. The hybridization of different rhythms has been a constant throughout his career, which has led him to be part of exhibitions such as Graffuturism (Los Angeles, 2012) and installations in centers such as the Caixaforum in Barcelona, the Grand Palais in Paris or the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Milan.

Kenor has participated in both the last edition of the Wall Lab of the Wallspot program and in the painting of a community art mural for the project Pla Integral Les Planes – Blocs La Flordia that wanted to bring urban art closer to people and their living areas. Both projects produced by Rebobinart.


Uri Martínez (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1983), known as Uriginal, is an urban artist who stands out for his colorful style that mixes Gaudí’s mosaic heritage with pop and folk art. Uriginal intervened walls on the outskirts of Barcelona with pioneers such as Xupet Negre and Pez. His works combine modern and classical elements. Uriginal uses geometry to question the western canon of portraiture, giving new life and perspective to the characters he depicts. He has exhibited in numerous galleries, from Denver and Miami, to Paris, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Uriginal has been part of the Rebobinart team on several occasions, as for example with his creation for the Livensa Living Studios building located in Alcobendas.


He studied graphic design at the Elisava School in Barcelona, and illustration at the Serra and Abella Art School in Hospitalet. This educational background led him to start his career in the field of illustration and tattooing in the late 90s. He has been practicing graffiti art for more than twenty years and has made it his means of collective communication. This is closely linked to the commitment to the social character that is reflected in his works. Thus, he shares with the public muralist works that speak of the shared memory of different environments of neighbors, collectives, communities and social movements.


Elisa Capdevila studied painting and drawing at the Barcelona Academy of Arts and gradually moved her works to the walls to create large-scale projects, which has led her to acquire international renown.

This artist has participated in several urban art festivals and currently combines her mural work with studio work. Elisa has collaborated with Rebobinart on several occasions, such as in the Ús Barcelona festival, or in the Trànsit Walls project.


Born in Terrassa in 1984 and resident in Barcelona, he began in 2000 to paint pictures as a result of his passion for drawing since he was a child. Interested and determined to devote himself to it, he studies a higher degree in Illustration and continues his studies focused on comics. He enters the world of graffiti in 2002 thanks to his interest in typography, lettering and the similarity that exists between these worlds. It was around 2006 when he began to participate in different national and international graffiti events where his talent was recognized and he won some awards. Currently he continues painting pictures, making illustrations and painting murals leaving traces in Wallspot.


Pintó (1993), a student at EINA, combines his design studies with illustration in a style that, as he describes it, is abstract, sober and austere. Urban art allows him to free himself from filters and keeps him out of the commercial circuit. His work has been recognized on several occasions such as the Laus Awards or by the Escola de Disseny de Catalunya.

He is part of the Wallspot community and has collaborated with Wallspot to create Wall Labs.