Wall Lab by Dante Arcade

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On April 4th, the first edition of Wall Lab 2022 was held at the Forum Park in Barcelona. This program, promoted by the Wallspot platform and produced by Rebobinart, seeks to promote artistic experimentation of local talent in public spaces through the creation of long-term murals on walls of different formats. On this occasion Dante Arcade, artist of the Wallspot platform, has been selected to artistically perform a wall that is part of the program and aims to be a space for artistic creation and visibility in the urban space as well as a tool for the revitalization of the territory.

Unlike open walls where the works are usually ephemeral, this initiative aims to offer spaces where works are executed that will have a permanence of half a year to a year. Therefore, the objective is to provide artists, professionals and different people linked to the creative industry with new spaces where they can develop their artistic and professional projects and obtain a greater impact.

The urban artist Dante has been chosen to paint the artwork. This artist builds in his works a particular retro universe with an aesthetic of the 80s and 90s and that takes as reference the video games of his adolescence, the comic world, science fiction movies and the pioneers of graffiti. Futurism and vintage go hand in hand in his creations. In the artist’s own words, through his work he wants to: “Create spaces of refuge for nostalgia where I remember that the past time ran slower and everything had more flavor”. For this occasion, Dante uses the influence of the nineties, the Memphis style, vectorization and vibrant colors and amalgamates them with Miami vibes, the influence of the comic and graffiti, creating a mural where he merges everything and at the same time preserves his personal style. In the artist’s words: “It’s like a cocktail shaker where you take all these influences and when mixed they still keep all their codes”.

Rebobinart, in addition to being in charge of the production, provided the artist with all the necessary material to develop his work, artistic honoraria and a photographic compilation to promote his artistic trajectory.

The realization of the mural has been possible thanks to: Ajuntament de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya i Montana Colors.

Photos: @artdecarrer