WALL LAB by Bemie



les corts districte



On December 23rd and 24th, we held a new edition of the Wall Lab programme at Parc Científic de Barcelona. This edition, promoted by Wallspot and produced by the cultural entity Rebobinart, aims to promote and give visibility to the essential tasks carried out by the centre and its community. Parc Científic de Barcelona has been committed to a fusion of art and science for years, and that is why this time Bemie, an artist from the platform, has been selected to perform a medium-size mural on one of the walls in the exterior Helix building.

The urban artist Bemie has been commissioned to paint a work under the theme of the nano universe, offering a magnifier view of what the microscopic that creates the human body. Parc Científic de Barcelona works on bioengineering for health, trying to understand the universe of small things trying to contribute in finding solutions to big problems, from COVID19, to cancer or Alzheimer’s, being the centre of research IBEC one of the big players in this research. And to do so, sometimes they create tiny organoids, nanoparticles, or even molecules. The aim of the mural, then, is to use art to reconcile the population with this field of scientific research, which is so essential, by showing it in an accessible and understandable way.

Wall Lab is an artistic professionalisation programme promoted by Wallspot that offers long-lasting murals in the city. Likewise, it provides new artistic content by revitalizing the urban space through different murals. This edition has had the collaboration of the District of Les Corts, Parc Científic de Barcelona and Montana Colors.