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La Farinera


On the following 19th of May at 7 pm, La Farinera del Clot Cultural Center will host the talk Murs Silenciats, a round table debate on censorship in the world of Urban Art.

The persecution and repression of freedom of expression, perpetrated in many ways by the different powers involved in society, has been a constant throughout history. Also, paradoxically, in the context of those officially recognized as contemporary democracies. In fact, many experts warn that in recent years there has been a decline in the protection of rights and freedoms. An example of this global situation are the numerous episodes of censorship in the field of culture in Spain.

In this event we will focus on urban art, debating on the regularization of works in public space, the impact that a work can achieve as a result of being censored or the possible self-censorship the artists apply because of the awareness that their works can be attacked, among other issues.

Urban artists such as Roc Blackbloc and Unlogic Crew will take part in the talk, explaining first-hand cases in which they have suffered this censorship. We will also have the presence of Marc Serra, councilor of Barcelona City Council. The debate will be moderated by Marta Ballesta, a journalist involved in the communication and development of urban art projects.

With this talk we aim to show a realistic view of the current situation we are experiencing towards artistic censorship, reflect on the ability of the public to interpret and judge works of art, and raise awareness about the various existing models of censorship.

Organitzated by: Rebobinart


  •  Roc Blackblock will be one of the urban artists who will participate in Silenced Walls. Roc makes his creativity and graphic language available to the community to turn the walls into speakers of the shared memory of neighbors, groups, communities, and social movements. His work is the meeting point between urban art and social commitment.


  • Marc Serra has been a councilor of Barcelona City Council for Citizenship and Participation Rights since 2019. He is a Catalan jurist, sociologist and politician. Born in Barcelona, ​​and will participate in Murs Silenciats providing a more institutional vision.
  • Unlogic Crew is an artistic group made up of eight multidisciplinary artists, living in Madrid and Valencia. They began in the late 1990s in the world of urban art. His works are of a social nature and seek to raise public awareness of controversial issues.


  •  Marta Ballesta, a journalist involved in the communication and development of urban art projects, will be the moderator of the talk and the subsequent debate on censorship and its effects.Over the years, she has investigated about the techniques, languages, visions, and wills of urban art as a tool for dialogue with the environment, social transformation and citizen empowerment.