Mural Monument al vi by Elisa Capdevila


El Papiol

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From de 12 to the 15 of July the artist Elisa Capdevila has been executing a large format artwork in Papiol, Barcelona.

The mural is located next to the wine monument (Abad Escarré Street). This monument was inaugurated in 1972, which commemorate the historical importance of grape growing in the region. This consist of a cage press covered by large trellised vine.

Elisa Capdevila is from the town of Papiol, and this is the reason why the city council did commit to do this tribute to the tradition so ancient and deeply rooted in the village. In the mural we can see represented part of the grape harvest process with some hands cutting the grapes. September is the month for grape harvest and was then when the youth collected the grapes with small scissors or a sickle and place it in wicker baskets.

The artist was inspired by a real pictured taken during the grape harvest season to create this realistic piece. The mural has had a great recognition by the inhabitants of the town and has given the chance to Elisa Capdevila to give back all that the village has given her since she was a kid, with this artwork that once more commemorate the hard work which has trespassed generations along the years.