Irene López León x Terrassa Walls


terrassa walls


This December Irene López León has made a large format artistic mural, located in the neighborhood of Pla del Bonaire, Terrassa.

The artist born in Hospitalet, Barcelona, can be recognized by her style, in which she paints landscapes to alter the perceptions of the environment, adapting to different surfaces. In this case we can see that she has carried out a floral portrait with bright colors that stand out in the urban contour in a large format mural. The composition has been drawn with a realistic style, typical of the artist, which reinforces the importance of giving value to the elements of nature that surround us.

It is a mural made within the framework of Master Walls of the artistic program Terrassa Walls. Project created by Rebobinart together with Anna Taratiel, which aims to provide the city of identity through urban art, providing a value and cultural interest to the environment.

From Rebobinart we would like to thank the professionalism of Irene Lope León as well as the collaboration of the City Council of Terrassa, the entity Arts Visuals de Terrassa and Terrassa Cultura. 

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