Mural Plaça d’en Xandri x ENACTIU

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Throughout the month of November Rebobinart and B-Murals have been working together to develop the EnActiu project.

EnActiu is a multidisciplinary artistic project of citizen participation that aims to make visible the elderly people in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu. The project was carried out in a participative way with the neighbors of the neighborhood and it was divided into different phases where, in all of them, they approached us to know their daily life, their concerns and their stories.

First of all, the Talkarative team interviewed several elderly people in the neighborhood in order to learn about their habits, motivations, concerns and personal stories. Each person told a different story, but they all agreed on one aspect: growing older does not imply being an inactive person, on the contrary, they consider it a moment of fullness where they seek to enjoy maturity and life. These life stories were recorded in order to subsequently form a sound collage that gives listeners an immersive experience into the world of these people.

The photographer Laura Abad was in charge of portraying the 12 participants, capturing the essence of each one of them and establishing a link between photographer, photographed and spectator, since each portrait strongly interpellates the observer.

These images were the guiding thread for the next phase of the project, in which the urban artist Mohamed El Ghacham designed and created a large-scale mural in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu. With his iconic line and characteristic technique, the artist reproduced a festive scene, where several large people can be seen enjoying a moment of friendship. The work exudes tenderness, beauty and nostalgia, and invites us to enter into the intimacy and daily life of this group of friends.

From Rebobinart we are very happy with the result of the project. Once again, we have been able to enjoy the unique experiences that are generated in the participatory processes, and this time we have done it surrounded by a fantastic and very professional team. Many thanks to Sant Andreu City Council, Casa Asil, Casal Gent Gran Mossen Clapés and Jaume Molera, it has been a pleasure to co-design and produce EnActiu with you!