Black Lives Matter by Elxupetnegre





This Friday, June 5th, the urban artist  Elxupetnegre organised an action that joins the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This has been developed in several walls of the Wallspot platform that are located in the park of Tres Xemeneies. Elxupetnegre, an internationally renowned artist, has collaborated with Rebobinart on various projects such as Big Waalls.

A total of fifteen artists based in Barcelona took part in this action, and were responsible for painting all the walls black and performing various interventions on this background. Much of the work has been done through collaborations between artists, and they all share dark tones, creating a very striking visual effect that has managed to leave no viewer indifferent.

From its beginnings, urban art has been used as a channel of social claim. This time the artists have taken to the streets to highlight the racism that unfortunately is still present in our society today. As Tim Marsh, one of the artists who took part in this initiative, explains, “We are not born racists, we are educated as racists,” so we need to be aware of this fact and gradually radicalize it.

This action is intended to reach other cities and achieve international reach. We can say that once again, art has been used to try to change the mentality of people, or at least give visibility to a social injustice, such as racism.