Artistic Intervention at Palautordera by Silvia Ospina

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Sta Maria de Palautordera



From the 30th of May to the 1st of June, Silvia Ospina was carrying out an artistic intervention in Santa Maria de Palautordera.

The artist has captured in an electric booth a work of more than five meters high, which fills the four sidewalls of the building. In this wall piece, you can see several species of local fauna and flora of Montseny Park, in their natural habitat. Through this work it has been possible to highlight this natural wealth that surrounds the town and give it importance in the urban centre.

This action is part of a project that aims to naturalize the urban environment of Palautordera, based on mural works carried out in the town’s electric booths. The work, which can be found on Via Augusta 36, ​​is the fifth intervention that is part of this project. Little by little, this town is transforming Endesa’s booths and electrical elements into works of art that enrich the town culturally.

From Rebobinart we want to thank the artist for the effort and dedication when designing and executing the mural, the Palautordera City Council for continuing to offer these types of opportunities, and Endesa for betting on improving the environment through art.