Wall Lab by Anna Taratiel

OVNI WALLSPOT streetart poblenou (3)
OVNI WALLSPOT streetart poblenou (2)
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Anna Taratiel, also known as OVNI, has been the selected artist to participate in Wallspot’s latest Wall Lab.

Wall Lab is conceived as a professional initiative through which Wallspot artists are chosen to perform an artistic mural with a temporality of one year in diverse spaces.
OVNI has made a mural in a space facilitated by Hotel Acta Voraport. This temporary space is a construction fence located in Poblenou (Barcelona) where in a few years we will find a hotel.

This type of intervention aims to revitalise the space of buildings that are under construction. In this way, artists can express themselves on the walls that cover the construction of the building, and their works are guaranteed a longer life.

Anna Taratiel’s works evoke internal landscapes and present reflections and metaphors about her surroundings, expressed through geometric abstraction, causing emotions and increasing the perception of the viewer through the intense compositional, conceptual and technical relationship that she maintains with the space and color. In this work we can see the ideas of structure, pattern and variation, very representative of her style.

This intervention has been possible thanks to the support of Philarthropic, and the extensive network of artists that are part of Wallspot.

Photos & videos: Philarthropic