Terrassa Walls x Latent Fest



terrassa walls


Saturday 6th of November the project Terrasa Walls was presented in the Latent Festival.

All started at four o’clock up until ten o’clock at the Alegria Theater of Terrasa where few talks took place, like the Terrassa Walls. This specific project intends to dynamize the street art in Terrassa, and at the same time compromise with the citizens who will bring value and cultural interest to the urban surroundings and foment the artists professionalization. This event was inaugurated with a JAM session of Graffiti in the streets of Tarragona, where 25 urban artists participated.

During the conference different subjects were discussed like the management of legal walls, to be intended for the free intervention in the public space of Terrassa, the interpersonal relationship between artists and art producers, or the different artistic disciplines which take place in the public space like Graffiti, Street Art, Muralism and so on.

Alongside the conference the urban artist and illustrator Angelanonada executed a mural at the exterior of the Theater where a great diversity of subjects where represented, with Angela’s representative style.

Latent 2021 is a festival that reunites professional designers in their different disciplines like Conrad Roset, Hey Studio, Javier Jaén or Íngrid Picanyol, who participated in this first edition of the festival, which has the aim to promote, empower and give voice to the graphic and digital art talent emerging in the city.

So during four days the city of Terrassa became the epicenter of design since they hosted 13 conferences, 2 concerts, 2 exhibitions, 2 masterclass, 2 workshops and 1 speed meeting.



Photos by latentfestival