Murs Silenciats





On the 19th of May, the Cultural Center La Farinera del Clot hosted the talk Murs Silenciats, a round table on censorship in the world of Urban Art.

The persecution and repression of freedom of expression, perpetrated through multiple forms from the different powers that participate in a society, that has been a constant throughout history. Also, paradoxically, in the context of those officially recognized as contemporary democracies. A reflection of this situation are the numerous episodes of censorship in the field of culture in Spain, some of which were discussed throughout the event.

The urban artists Roc Blackbloc, and Jorge Nuño, member of Unlogic Crew participated in the talk and explained in first person cases in which they have suffered this censorship. We had also the presence of Marc Serra, councilor of the Barcelona City Council. The debate was moderated by Marta Ballesta, a journalist involved in communication and the development of urban art projects.

The participation of the public, in person and through social networks, was essential to put this much-needed and urgent debate on the table. Murs Silenciats served to expose and share different points of view on censorship in urban art, and therefore opening a door to begin to propose what is the model of city we want, how we should act in these cases and what role institutions should adopt in relationship to urban art.