We celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Ítaca educational association with a large mural in L’Hospitalet!

Photography: Clara Antón

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat



The Ítaca Educational Association is celebrating 45 years that this non-profit organisation, based in the Collblanc-La Torrassa neighbourhood (Hospitalet de Llobregat), has been working in the field of education, leisure, and social action.

Ítaca pursues the aim of working in community, generating equal opportunities, and accompanying processes of personal development and empowerment for children, young people and families, with special sensitivity to those in vulnerable situations.

So, to celebrate these 45 years and those to come, they have counted on the artist Núria Toll and the production company Rebobinart to capture their work in a mural that has taken place, as it could not be otherwise, in a key point of the neighbourhood: in the Park of La Torrassa.

Toll has turned a 25m wide x 5m high wall into a representation of the great diversity of the population that makes up the neighbourhood of L’Hospitalet and a series of key values; education, family, network, commitment, friendship, companionship, neighbourhood, community, diversity, wealth…

In addition, this mural has ‘hidden’ references and nods to the people of the neighbourhood. In this sense, we find the fountain in the Española Square, an element easily recognisable by the people of the neighbourhood.

On the other hand, the phrase “Full of adventures, full of knowledge” that captains this mural, is taken from the poem Ithaca by Lluís Llach that characterizes the entity.

We cannot overlook another identity symbol of the entity that we find in the origami boat representing the metaphor of Ithaca and the long voyage…


Finally, on Thursday 21/09, an opening ceremony was held in the presence of the councillor Núria Marín, which served to welcome the new school year and all the people from the neighbourhood and those involved with the association.


Núria Toll is an illustrator and muralist born in 1988 in Igualada. She studied Design and Graphics at the BAU in Barcelona. This training in design has made her visual language in muralism very graphic, incorporating typographic elements to play with words and messages.

Her style, dominated by straight lines and geometric shapes, synthesises animals and plant organisms to reflect on issues such as climate emergency. Toll’s work is totally millimetric and careful, an added value to her minimalism and naïf charm.