Artists’ training by WALLSPOT



cc albareda



On October 24, the technical training of Wallspot was held, which aims to promote the professionalization of the urban art sector. Wallspot launched the call for all those artists who are part of the platform, and Rebobinart, as cultural manager of Barcelona, ​​has been in charge of the entire organization of the day. Throughout Thursday, the Albareda cultural center hosted speakers and artists to discuss various topics directly related to urban art.

The training day was opened by Lourdes García (president of Arç Cooperativa) and Meritxell Ametllé (Technical Architect), both speakers who carried out training on insurance, where they addressed issues such as civil liability, construction or accidents. Then Miquel Melendres, a graduate in law and humanities and founder of Artsider, explained the regulations regarding copyright, and through specific case studies he provided technical advice to artists. Gemma Tort, manager and advisor of Asfil Assessors, was in charge of carrying out the training on legal regulations in the labor field.

Once the training was over, several masterclasses were performed by three artists with a long career in the world of urban art. The first was Miquel Wert, who specialized in figurative muralism. Wert has been approaching everyday life for more than a decade and questions the representation of the collective subconscious. Wert combines his studio work with medium and large format muralism, has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, and his works are present in private collections in more than ten countries. Then Perrine Honoré, illustrator, graphic designer and muralist, with studies in fashion design, graphic design and design and communication, explained that illustration is the field in which she feels most comfortable, as it allows better freedom to express themselves and represent their feelings. Finally, B-Toy, an artist who has been painting and creating her stencils since 2002, showed the focus of her works, always from the point of view of women with a feminist empowerment look. His works can be found today in both art galleries and urban interventions.

From a more personal point of view, the artists presented their styles, their types of projects, their references and the working method they use, among others. In this way, they made many listeners feel identified, and could imagine a little better what the future holds for them.

Both Wallspot and Rebobinart are very pleased with this day of training, we want to highlight the active participation of speakers and listeners, and we hope that the next training will be held as successfully as it has done.