CEIP PAU VILA by Kamil Escruela



Aj Hospi


Last Thursday, June 20, the participatory mural made at the CEIP Pau Vila school, located in the neighborhood of La Florida (L’Hospitalet del Llobregat), was inaugurated. It is an initiative framed in the Pla de Regeneració Urbana Integral Les Planes- Blocs Florida, which aimed to stress the value of music within this school and to give visibility to the educational project Orquestra del Meu Barri, made up of students from the center.

To perform the production, we had the participation of the artist Camil Escruela and we proposed the project in two phases: participatory ideation sessions and mural execution. The first phase, had a series of participatory sessions in which we worked with the students of 3rd of primary of the center the meaning of the urban art and the concepts, values ​​and key elements that wanted to represent in the mural so that the artist could devise and create the design and thus carry out the subsequent intervention on the facades of the school. During these sessions, emphasis was placed on the figure and role of music, specifically on the string instruments that make up the school orchestra and with which the students were closely acquainted.

So, after the first phase, Camil depicted all the ideas gathered during these sessions and made the final design that should be reflected in the walls to intervene. This way, the second phase took place, in which the artist had to carry out the mural intervention during the three planned days. The result was a colorful mural that shows boys and girls playing a piece with string instruments and surrounded by colorful waves and musical notes, staging the school orchestra.

Finally, once the intervention was completed, the mural was inaugurated on the morning of June 20 on Avinguda Catalunya. The inauguration was attended by students, parents, teachers and the director of the center and the event consisted of a series of speeches by students who participated in the participatory sessions, the director of the school, the artist Camil Escruela and Carla Gimeno as a representative of Rebobinart; an award ceremony for the school and, finally, the performance of the Orquestra del Meu Barri.