Arts i Barris by Perrine Honoré



Aj Girona


unió europea fons europeu

During October, from Rebobinart we’ve developed an artistic intervention project through the production of a mural by the artist Perrine Honoré, on the facade from the Civic Center Pla de Palau, Girona. This action is framed within the project Arts i Barris, that promotes the communal participation of the neighbors from Pla de Palau-Sant Pau by creating a mural that encourages the coexistence of citizenship and aims to highlight the identity of the territory from different participatory sessions.

At the beginning of the project, three main goals were set that would aim to shape and direct the task towards the following purposes: revitalize the neighborhood where they worked, generate an artistic project that was linked to the territory, also providing an added value that would promote a culture of participation and critical vision among the participants and, finally, promoting citizen interest in cultural and artistic practices. All this fostered through urban art, understood as a tool for community empowerment, transformation, and social claim.

During the participatory sessions at the Centre Civic, the Associació de Veïns collaborated in transmitting to Perrine Honiré, its social values ​​, and the most representative elements of the territory, based on an open debate and archive images. Once the sessions were over, the artist synthesized the content in an artistic sketch following her colorful and lively style, where the most emblematic rituals and spaces of the Pla de Palau Sant Pau neighborhood stand out. Finally, from October 13 to 18, Perrine transferred the artistic proposal to the facade of Carrer Migdia in a mural 17 meters wide by 6 meters high.

Once finished, the project has been valued very positively. In addition to the community action and the achievement of the objectives, during the production of the project, the particularities of the territory and the experience of the residents of the neighborhood have been taken into account, promoting networking, personal development and establishing a pedagogical task based on participatory methodologies that aimed to develop awareness and citizen practice towards the social situation of the neighborhood.