Artistic intervention in Santa Maria de Palautordera


Santa Maria de Palautordera



On the 29th and 30th of March, produced by Rebobinart a community project took place in the streets of Santa Maria de Palautordera, a town located in the Vallés Oriental. (Barcelona)

The artistic action was carried out on Passeig del Remei, one of the busiest pedestrian streets in Palautordera. This artistic intervention consisted of designing and capturing various games for children painted on the pavement of the road, such as hopscotch, balancing games, mazes… This artistic initiative was developed from the suggestion of a neighbor of the town, whom contacted the city council to be able to offer this space for the children. In this case, we can see how the Santa Maria de Palautordera City Council has listened to the initiatives and suggestions of its inhabitants and has been encouraged to develop this action.

The objective of this artistic intervention is to remodel the public space and make it more accessible to children. In addition, it is a way to encourage physical activity among the little ones, while generating community and neighborhood networks, two essential facts in these uncertain times that we are living.

The activity has had a very positive reception among the residents of the town, and both children and adults have enjoyed this original and participatory initiative. From Rebobinart we want to thank the Santa María de Palautordera City Council that, once again, has counted on us to produce this very special project, which we hope the little ones will enjoy during their free time.