Abstraction JAM_Spogo
Abstraction JAM_Pol Pintó
Abstraction JAM_Maria Cuellar
Abstraction JAM_Fractal Tattoo
Abstraction JAM_Debens
Abstraction JAM_Alessia Innocenti
Abstraction JAM_Salvaje Selva
Abstraction JAM_Santiago Jaén
Abstraction JAM_2000nce
Abstraction JAM_Slomo
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Maria Cuellar
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Fractal Tattoo
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Spogo
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Slomo
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Salvaje Selva 2
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Pol Pintó
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Debens
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Chan 2
Abstraction JAM_WIP_Alessia 2
Abstraction JAM_WIP_2000nce


districte sants montjuic



Abstraction JAM, with abstract art as the main theme, was held on the emblematic walls of Tres Xemeneies. This action is framed within the project of Wallspot JAMS. This events, produced by Rebobinart, are aimed to dynamize the Tres Xemeneies spot, a square that welcomes different collectives and that is now on the reconstruction process.

Spogo and Alessia Innocenti, the guest artists, were in charge of selectinc the participanting artists from among all those who applied in the open call.

The artists who have participated in this event: SpogoAlessia Innocenti2000nceFractal TattooPol PintóSlomoMaria CuéllarSalvaje SelvaDebens and Santiago Jaen, have intervened on the wall of Paral·lel and the central walls in the main squere, in which they have captured figurative works that transported the viewer into a new reality.

The Abstraction JAM was celebrated together with the event “Todas somos Hasél”, a day against censorship and to claim Freedom of Expression. These two simultaneous events filled the square with artists who did not leave unpainted walls. Throughout the day the square welcomed numerous visitors who came to see the works of the many artists.

We want to thank the participation of all the artists and the collaboration of Montana ColorsMontó Pinturas, and the Sants Montjuïc district, without them this event could not have been held!