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districte sants montjuic



Last Sunday 31st of January, we celebrated the Writers JAM on Wallspot Tres Xemeneies Walls, an action framed within the project of Wallspot JAMS. This events, produced by Rebobinart, are aimed to dynamize the Tres Xemeneies spot, a square that welcomes different collectives and that is now on the reconstruction process.

Radok and Fresh were the guest artists in charge of selecting the eight participants from among all the participants that applied for the event. They chose Lizré, Alchinesse, Aram, Bday Boy Art, La Castillo, and Garrido. Every one of them, filled the lateral walls with their lettering style and, moreover, a group of artists did a collective intervention in the Paralel Wall: Owen and Raul de Dios, with the collaboration of Kram, Edu Works, Slomo, Roc Blackbloc, and Eos.

The final pieces did not leave anybody indifferent, and the event was very successful. We want to thank every participant to do such an amazing job, and to all the visitors that came to see the event. Thank you also to Montana Colors, Montó Pinturas, and Sants Montjuic district because, without them, this event wouldn’t be possible.

Rebobinart, apart from being in charge of the production of the project, has given the artists the necessary material to develop their artistic pieces.

With the support of Montana Colors and L’Ajuntament de Barcelona.