Wall Lab by Gemma Fontanals, Noble, Pep Walls and Pol Pintó




The Wall Lab La Model was held on the 8th and 9th of October on the walls of Carrer Rosselló with the participation of the artists Gemma Fontanals, Pep Walls, Noble and Pol Pintó. This action was part of the repertoire of activities carried out during the months of September, October and November to celebrate Rebobinart’s 10th anniversary.

This Wall Lab, promoted by Wallspot and produced by Rebobinart, took place on the walls of the former prison of Barcelona (in Carrer Rosselló): a space that accumulates inseparable stories and memories from the collective imaginary of the city. However, for Rebobinart it was the core of the last edition of the Ús Barcelona festival (2018) and, this year, the stage for reflecting on the 10 years of the entity and on the conflicts and tensions between urban art, public space and the agents involved.

This intervention is yet another attempt, over the last few years, to re-signify this space in an attempt to adapt it to the new needs of the neighbourhood and revitalise it. To this end, four artists have been chosen to intervene with four designs on a free theme, each of them taking us into their own unique and non-transferable world:

Gemma Fontanals explores with shapes and colours, capturing, through her characteristic female characters, love itself and the enjoyment of it. As the artist says, the piece “celebrates the company, the conversations, the vermouth and the after-dinner conversation, the support and the being there, the telling and hearing the same stories over and over again, and again and again too, with a glass in hand and a handful of peanuts. To be able to claim it from a public and permanent place, enveloping a building marked by isolation, seems very important to me, and I feel very grateful”.

Pep Walls, through a naïve and illustrative style has created a mural piece entitled “Plastic Col-lapse” full of sarcasm that conceptually, and forming part of his artistic symbology, deals with the concern about an imminent social and environmental collapse from a destructive and anti-system point of view.

Noble gives us a piece inspired by characters and lettering from the world of comics and leaves us with a clear message: life is short and it is better to live in the present, without artifice or fakeness.

Pol Pintó dresses one of the walls of La Model with his abstract and geometric style using a meticulous technique: with a piece of string, he traces with light and quick touches a composition of lines that together leave a unique trace.

It was a very intense and satisfying day, both for the artists involved and for the people of the neighbourhood, as it was an opportunity to weave links between professionals and also with the public. Neighbours stopped to contemplate the artistic process and took the opportunity to talk about the murals with the authors themselves and share experiences inevitably marked by the coexistence with the old prison.

Wall Lab aims to be an initiative with an impact for the city’s resident artists, as it aims to offer spaces in which to execute works that will last from half a year to a year and to provide spaces where they can develop their artistic projects and gain visibility, while at the same time contributing a grain of sand to the professionalisation of urban art.

This Wall Lab has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of Ajuntament de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya and Montana Colors.

Photographs by Clara Antón